No Kill Animal Shelters - The nØkill Network

Spread the Word

Spreading the word is an important part of what we do. No one should be faulted for not knowing this information at birth, so it is our job, as compassionate animal lovers, to take what we know and what we've learned and share it with others. There are many ways to accomplish this, and we've listed a few ideas below:

  • Like us on Facebook, Tweet, or any type of other social media sharing - your friends will be happy to see that you're interested in saving lives!
  • Place a link to us on your website or blog! This will tell more people about the importance of the no-kill philosophy while at the same time providing them a resource that allows them to find a no-kill organization near them. We have provided a collection of links for you to use here if you're interested.
  • Tell your local no-kill organization about the nOkill Network and urge them to list their organization with us. If they don't already have their own website, it is a great way for them to post information about themselves on the internet. They will have a page on our site dedicated to their organization.
  • Tell your friends and family!
  • If you adopt a pet from an organization that you found on the nOkill Network, let the organization know that we're helping to send people their way!
  • If you have any experience with one of the shelters in our network, rate their services and leave a comment about them on our website! This will help others to know any specifics they should know about this shelter.