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About Us

About The nØkill Network

The nØkill Network and nØ was established with two main goals in mind:

  • 1) To promote existing no-kill organizations in order to help them help the animals they serve
  • 2) To promote the no-kill organization model

In order to accomplish these goals, many hours of volunteer time is required, and financial contributions have been made. Additional volunteers are needed to help complete various tasks currently, so if you are interested, please contact us. If you'd like to make a contribution to us, we appreciate it and thank you. However, we would ALWAYS prefer that you find a local, well-deserving organization and donate to them instead. Engage with, learn about, and help them - then share your feedback on our site in hopes that your insight will encourage others to do the same.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated - thank you!



Our History

The nOkill Network was started in 2006 with the goal of helping to promote the no-kill model and those organizations that support it. Previous to The nOkill Network, there was not a reliable, nationwide directory of no-kill shelters in the United States. Over the years, the public has built the directory and helped to ensure that the organizations we list are in fact no-kill advocates. This is an ongoing process, due to the constantly changing goals of organizations, and we continue to rely on public support to ensure that all of the organizations in our directory are legitimate.

In 2010, an upgraded version of the website was launched that allows The nOkill Network to truly become a "network" of advocates and people interested in learning more about the no kill movement. This new website was launched with the hope that this network of people can collectively create a powerful voice that encourages saving animal lives. For too long, animals in shelters have been killed as the status quo, even though there is proof that the killing can literally be stopped overnight, in any community. A roadmap for success has been created - all we need to do is to help educate more people about it in order to put the plan into action nationwide.

The original creators of this website left to pursue other projects in 2016 and are no longer involved. However, our community is strong and we have the help of the team at NK Animal Advocates LLC to ensure our ability to achieve our mission. Eventually, we hope to create a community-owned organization that can take part in the management required to keep the wheels turning and continue to increase the positive impact we can have in the lives of our pets.

The history of The nOkill Network is a story of compassion, volunteers, and continuous education. We hope to continue growing A Voice for Life with your help. By participating in our community, you are voting to strengthen this voice. Please join us - we welcome you!