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Lost Dog
PET ID:102446
11 May 2021
lost female dog prada
Lost Female Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Chihuahua-terrier mix - white with brown spots - brown heart shape on her back, small white heart shape on face
Lost Cat
PET ID:100679
19 April 2021
lost female cat daisy
Lost Female Cat
Fort Worth, TX 76112
DSH BROWN BLACK and Orange left ear tip missing
Lost Dog
PET ID:98631
26 March 2021
lost female dog luna
Lost Female Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76111
1 year old female pit bull gray with white chest. Spayed and microchipped. Very friendly and approachable. Cropped ears, roughly 80 pounds.
Lost Dog
PET ID:98491
25 March 2021
lost male dog carl
Lost Male Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76108
Carl is a male Chinese crested harry hairless. When he went missing he has longer hair around his ears and ...
Lost Dog
PET ID:98313
23 March 2021
lost male dog dallas
Lost Male Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76112
His tail has a zig gag design that matches his color.
Lost Dog
PET ID:96412
28 February 2021
lost male dog muskee
Lost Male Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76140
Slim about 5 lbs. very friendly and gentle Chiuahuah
Lost Cat
PET ID:96288
27 February 2021
lost male cat cooper/ mr steel
Lost Male Cat
Fort Worth, TX 76137
LOST CAT - REWARD IF FOUND- TIPPED EAR BUT NOT FERAL Late last night our cat broke out of our ...
Lost Dog
PET ID:95916
22 February 2021
lost female dog baby dog
Lost Female Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Brown chihuahua with white on the chest
Lost Dog
PET ID:92673
12 January 2021
lost female dog charlie
Lost Female Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76179
She is a 10 year old shih tzu mix. Gray with white paws that have turned a red brownish color. She ...
Lost Cat
PET ID:91532
29 December 2020
lost male cat leo
Lost Male Cat
Fort Worth, TX 76120
Orange long hair cat
Lost Cat
PET ID:90331
15 December 2020
lost male cat paws
Lost Male Cat
Fort Worth, TX 76133
Black and Grey tabby cat. Very sweet and scared of loud noises He is spoiled and likes venturing outside from ...
Lost Dog
PET ID:86799
12 November 2020
lost female dog muneca
Lost Female Dog
Fort Worth, TX 76134
Small black female lab mix around 45 lbs pink collar with rabbies tag on. $200 Reward for her safe return home

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