NoKill Network Volunteers

The Nokill Network is a directory of shelters and agencies all over the globe that comply with the NoKill equation, and volunteers are a major part of our success and accuracy! Our volunteers are dedicated to promoting the no-kill model and the animal shelters, organizations, and rescue groups that comply with it. As a volunteer, not only will you gain knowledge about the history of animal shelters and organizations, but you will be able to gain experience in researching and raising awareness to organizations and individuals.

We look forward to having you as a part of our growing volunteer team!

Volunteer FAQs

What is NoKillNetwork and how can I help?

The Nokill Network is a directory that is dedicated to promoting no-kill animal shelters, organizations, and rescue groups. There are many ways to help! You can learn more here.

Where are the volunteer positions located?

All volunteer positions with the NoKill Network are virtual and remote. As long as you possess access to high-speed Internet, you are qualified to volunteer with us!

How can I sign up to work with animals at the animal shelters listed on here?

The Nokill Network is ONLY an informative directory. If you are interested in volunteering inside these shelters/adoption agencies, please contact the shelter directly.

What is my job as a volunteer?

As a volunteer, your job will be to research shelters and/adoption centers that do not state explicitly whether they support the no-kill model into our directory. You will also be responsible for promoting the no-kill model among these shelters. More information will be given when you sign up to volunteer!

How can I benefit from volunteering at the NoKill Network?

By volunteering at the NoKill Network, not only will you be able to gain better insight into how animal shelters and organizations work, but also help to promote the no kill model and save lives.