Tikus (tee-coos)

Hamilton, VA 20158


About this pet

Tikus was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tikus means “mouse” in Indonesian. Believe it or not, when I rescued her, she was as small as a mouse. She is as round as a bowling ball now though!! She was born in May, 2013. She is a former feral and was on death’s door when I found her. Tikus is a round girl... tipping the scales at around 16 pounds. Her tiny little head and paws just never grew at the same pace as her belly. She does well with other cats, but not with aggressive dogs. IF paired with a dog, it would have to be a small and mellow dog. We love Tikus, but are dealing with a cat with cancer and Tikus has started acting out (defecating and peeing outside the litter box on our carpets). We have multiple boxes in two separate part so of the house And they are cleaned twice a day. It is not a litter box issue. We just cannot deal with her and our other cat with cancer. We hope to find her a loving home with people who can give her their undivided attention and love. She deserves that.

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