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This terrific, good natured cat was left behind by neighbors across the pond when they moved about a year ago. Jolly will use a litter box when he is in the house, but gets frustrated if kept in too long during the day. (Stays in back yard, close to house and rarely strays outside of our fence). He is a neutered male about 3 years old, weighing 13.5 lbs. He has a rabies certificate and other necessary shots and is healthy and free of disease according to one of our veterinarians. Jolly is an extremely loving and affectionate cat and we are very sorry to have to find another home for him. We have kept him for a long time and are most anxious about giving him up because we love him and are afraid he might end up in another bad situation. The problem is that he absolutely must be the only cat in the household. We have three house cats who never go out and three cats who go in and out during the day and stay inside at night. He does not hurt them, but chases and intimidates all of them. Therefore, every time one of the inside/outside cats comes in during the day, I have to put Jolly into the dining room (where he also sleeps at night). He cries a lot when he is confined or is looking out of the windows in the daytime. Additionally, there are a lot of stray and feral cats when you are living on a pond and we feed everything that comes to the door or cowers in the bushes. We keep five electrically heated cat houses and one heavily insulated small dog house on the property - only two are occupied right now. I clean the houses thoroughly every Spring and Fall, put flea and worm medicine in their individual meals periodically and provide medical care when needed. It’s a lot of work (especially the TNR) and also expensive. We used to let Jolly outside sometimes (under supervision after he was responsible for almost causing several fights). I don’t think he would have hurt the others, but he is so big that he frightens them into fight mode. Unfortunately, he also chased every single stray or feral that came into the yard and we are their only source of food and support. We have put picture ads in our Vets offices and made many inquiries on Jolly’s behalf with no success at all. He loves to play with toys and adores getting tummy rubs. He is so loving and affectionate that we are sure that he (originally) came from a very happy home. Surely there is someone out there who could provide a new and very happy permanent home for him. Hopefully, AA O’Neill ( OR CALL LARRY AT 631-665-2648 )

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