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Born November 15, 2018 on my daughter's. Very lovable. Wants all the attention. Lola needs to be able to run. She is extremely energetic. She bonds better with women. She does bark at strangers until she gets used to them. It does take her a bit. Lola is a lab-pit mix. Her mother is a pit and her father is a lab-mix. She is a beautiful dark grey color. As much as I would love to keep her, she needs more love and attention than I am able to give as I already have two other dogs. I had initially placed Lola with a very close friend however he ended up taking a job where he would be traveling and it wasn't feasible to take Lola. Lola has so much love to give. She does unfortunately go after small animals such as squirrels and cats. The youngest child she has been around is 5 so I do not know how she would handle little ones.

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