Cokey(w) and midnight(B)

Homestead, FL 33033

  • Name : Cokey(w) and midnight(B)
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

10(W) and 8(B) yr old females. Bonded for 8 yrs. Not sure if they are spayed. My landlords mom moved here in april and was diagnosed with cancer. She was put in hospice and her cats were left in a room at the house where i rent a room at. They are sweet loving girls. They have been through a ruff time, they were uprooted from the home they grew in and were placed in this room. Nobody was taking care of them so i did. They went from queens of an entire castle to me being the only human contact they have. They love me as i do them but im unable to keep them and my landlord wont allow me to let them out of the room. They deserve to live better then this. They love so much. They are bonded very much. They have been together since midnight was a baby she is now 8. I really want them to stay together. Please any help is appreciated.

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