Saint Louis, MO 63118

  • Name : Cider
  • Breed : Foxhound Mix
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

We found Cider in the frigid winter of 2016 when we were living in South Bend, Indiana. It was early January and twenty degrees below zero. A scared dog was coming around the school where I worked. After seeing her three days in a row, a co-worker spent an hour helping me coax her into my vehicle. I took her home and we began to “foster” her; eventually, we decided to keep her. When we found her, she was skinny and malnourished. Her ribs were showing, she had various cuts and wounds from dog bites, and she devoured all the food we put in front of her. The vet estimated that she was about a year old at the time. We have now had Cider for almost four years and in many ways she is a great dog. She is a mid-sized dog (50 lbs) and is obedient. She loves her people and is very sweet to those she knows and loves. She is definitely a lap dog--she loves nothing more than to snuggle on the couch. She requires exercise but is not too high energy; she is quite content to go on a walk or two and sleep the rest of the day away. She listens well--she comes when called, and is highly food and treat motivated. She is crate trained--her crate is a safe space for her where she eats and sleeps at night (and when we are out). Cider has some anxieties and psychological issues stemming from her life on the streets. She doesn’t trust new people initially and doesn’t like it when strangers look her in the eyes. She may bark at people, but it is because she is nervous and scared. (She has never bitten a person.) She also has a hard time with other dogs. On walks, she can be leash-aggressive and lunge and bark at other dogs. We have had some success in training her to look for a treat (from a treat pouch on the hip) when she sees a dog, which has helped lessen her leash aggression. When new people come to our house, her crate is a safe space for her to take the time she needs to get used to their presence. Overall, Cider is happy and loving dog who would do wonderfully in a context without other dogs and small children. She has a number of anxieties but will be a great and loving companion in the right setting. Because of a few fighting incidents with our other dog, we have come to the difficult decision that it would be best for her to have a new home, and we hope we can find the right situation for her.

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