Liverpool, NY 13090


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My 8 month old puppy is in need of immediate rehoming. He is an American bulldog/husky/German Shepherd mix. He can only go to an experienced dog owner who is willing to put in the time with him. He has already undergone basic obedience classes and knows basic commands. He is house and crate trained. He has done well around cats but not well around my miniature pinscher as he is just too big and plays to rough for such a small dog to cope. He has been around 4 children ranging from 3 years to 10. He would do best in a home without children, or with older children. He is showing signs of aggression and has bit someone in the past, which is why he must be rehomed. I consulted with an aggression trainer and they believe he has great promis, but due to the children in my house and his new aggression issues, I must immediately rehome him.

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