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Leo 10 years old 16 lbs (a floofer, for sure!) Orange hypoallergenic Siberian Long Haired cat Spayed/neutered Up-to-date vaccinations NOT declawed CANNOT live with other cats, dogs, or young kids (under 4) Favorite toy: shoelaces Personality: 25% evil/moody, 75% cuddlebug I am currently fostering Leo and am looking to find his forever home. Leo used to live with a single woman for 8 years; she recently had a baby and had to let the cat go, so I took him in. He is a really great cat, but I'm not a cat person so I don't want to keep him long term. He is very affectionate and likes to cuddle and be in the same room with humans. He likes to play and is always eager to explore an available closet. While he is affectionate and nice, he is also distant sometimes and likes to chill by himself (he'll let you know). Face scratches are his favorite thing in the world, and he also loves his scratching post. He likes to cuddle in laps and will even let you pick him up for a minute for kisses. I've had Leo for a week now and have had very few problems. He handled the transition to our home very well, so that should be good for the transition to his forever home. All in all, he's a great--and incredibly soft!!--cat who would be perfect for someone who lives alone or without children. He seems to have very little interest in escaping outside. He can't live with other cats, dogs, or any kids. (This message comes from the previous cat parent... Leo was living with a baby and dog for almost a year, but I don't think that's ideal for him long term.) Serious inquiries only. Email me! I am willing to travel up to 3 hours from Durham for the right match.

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