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State: OH  |   City: Cincinnati  |   Zip Code: 45212


Name: Oakley
Gender: Female
Size: medium
I've been Oakley's adoptive mom for 4 months. I adopted her from family that has an older dog with health issues in the house and Oakley was too high energy (she is about 1 yr old) for the older dog. She is skittish around strangers and new people. I live in an apartment and having people coming and going frequently is hard for her. She is very smart and affectionate especially 1 on 1. She gets along great with other dogs and I was told she lived with a cat and smaller children. She is spayed and has some of her shots. She has no medical issues nor special needs. Her ideal environment with be a home with a yard for her to explore but is the perfect size (about 40 lbs) for a smaller space. I am not home a lot and would love for her to travel with me, but I'm not able to handle her anxiety to get her to the point where she isn't so skittish.