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About this pet

Meet Simba. Simba is a 2.5 year old neutered male Great Pyrenees. His family (residing in Utah) has had him since he was a puppy but now due to a move and another young child in the family, they need to find Simba a new home.  Simba has been an outdoor dog and is very territorial with new people while on his property. He must receive slow, proper introductions from his owners towards anyone new entering the property. He does not have livestock experience. A young child stuck her hand under the fence at one point, at which Simba did nip at it. Simba would be happiest in a home with a large fenced yard/land, not a whole lot of coming and going, and if children, preferably older/mature. He travels very well in a car and loves lots of affection and attention. Additionally, Simba does get along well with female dogs and non-dominant male dogs. Simba loves to chew and play with toys! Simba will be available for meet and greets at Old Farm Kennels in Florence, MT, after November 21st. Would you be interested in having him join your family?

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