Shelby Twp, MI 48317


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My dogs name is Blu and he is an 8 year old blue pitbull, Staffordshire terrier mix that weighs about 75 lbs. He’s been neutered since he was 3 and has a lifetime membership to Sit Means Sit dog training. He loves to swim, loves running around in the woods and goes crazy (a little too crazy sometimes lol) for balls of all sizes. He’s grown up most of his life with just me. I was 22 when I first got him and we used to do everything together. He’s great with adults but gets too excited to play with kids. He has had surgery on both back knees so he takes a supplement on his food twice a day. He has a very sensitive stomach so he eats zignature duck dog food, one heaping 2 cup scoops twice a day. I have a one year son that he showed signs of aggression towards which is why I have to find a new home for him even though it breaks my heart. The ideal home for him would be a couple or single person with no kids that like to go in the woods or water a lot. His favorite thing to do is swim and chase after water splashing.

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