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Stray found in cleveland county nc. Took her to vet for a bath, rabies vaccine, and stool sample showed worms. I'm having trouble getting her to take the whole dose of dewormer. Was nothing but skin and bones when I found her. Sweet as can be. No aggression so far. Skidish to my raised voice and hand but will still let me pet her so I'm not sure of abusive history. Vet says shes a bit older than 2 years old. She seems to understand no at just a voice raise. Likes affection from humans just doesnt seek it out. Shes okay with head petting and petting while eating. Now the bad news she doesnt like separation when I walk away from kennel or chain she gets so sad and barks a bunch. Got her to let me separate from her during kennel time though I just have to cover her like a bird and be quiet.

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