No Kill Animal Shelters - The nØkill Network

Educate Yourself

The best way to help is through education, and that education begins with you. The more you know about the history of animal shelters and organizations, the better decisions you'll make when it comes to supporting the no kill revolution, and the easier it will be for you to educate others with accurate, compelling information in an informed manner.
Here are some ways to start learning:

  • Learn about The No Kill Equation and read through this fantastic publication by The No Kill Advocacy Center: No Kill 101.
  • Use our directory to find a no-kill shelter near you and go pay them a visit! Learn the ways in which they are working to save lives.
  • Ask Questions - no one knows it all, and it is a constantly changing world. We encourage everyone to ask questions and let the community help to educate everyone. Feel free to post your questions to our facebook wall.
  • Read - Books, Blogs, and other websites recommended by The nOkill Network - a great place to start is with this book.
  • Share - your experiences with the community, remain open-minded, and embrace constructive criticism.