Lake Stevens, WA 98258

  • Name : Cinder
  • Breed : Bordoodle
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

We purchased Cinder at 9 weeks from a reputable Bordoodle breeder in Lake Stevens. She is now 15 months old, she weighs approximately 49 pounds, has been spayed, and has no medical issues. She needs to be groomed regularly or she will get mats in her fur. The breed is hypoallergenic. She is smart as a whip and needs more attention and better training than we have been able to provide. She loves going on walks and fetching a ball or Frisbee. She is great with kids. In a perfect world she would do best with a loving family who will spend more time with her than we have been able to. We have a second dog (German Shepard) that our older son owns that lives us and they play well together so another dog in the family would make her very happy. A big yard or property would be ideal. She is the sweetest girl and deserves better than we can give her!

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