Cash and Athens (brothers, always together)

Kennesaw, GA 30152


About this pet

Cash and Athens deserve a home where someone can provide a lot of love and attention to them. To any animal lover, please save them. They are my Aunt's dogs and she gave me permission to look for a new home for them. She works all the time and cannot provide the attention/care they deserve. Were being underfed for a week when I came to visit. In the past, have been fed properly. Because of this, Cash gets a little too excited when near him and likes to jump on people. He does NOT do this if someone actually spends time with him. Cash and Athens are 5 years old. Cash is possibly 40-50 lbs while Athens is probably 30 lbs. They are in real need of grooming services. They are extremely loving and an ideal home is where the owner (steward) has the time to spend with them, has a large yard and gives them the treatment they deserve. They need someone who knows dogs and can handle Cash's excitement. Not sure if it's possible, but please keep them together. They have spent an extremely lonely life together and are each other's life support. Please give them what they deserve, I wish more than anything that I could adopt them, but do not have a living situation that is suitable for them.

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