Elizabethton, TN 37643

  • Name : Aidan
  • Breed : Boxer Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : Medium

About this pet

2-3 year old 30lb boxer mix. Neutered in November. Severe separation anxiety. I have tried everything to keep him but being a single mom with 2 young kids and working full time he does not get the 24/7 attention he needs. Within minutes of leaving the house he can cause 100s of dollars worth of damage. The better I got at "dog proofing" the better he got at figuring it out. He's been on different medications that did not help. I attempted crate training but he kept hurting himself trying to get out so I quit. Not sure if I should of kept trying but I work 12 hour shifts and I'd hate that for him. He gets along well with kids, other dogs, cats and guinea pigs. When home with him he's a sweet, goofy, cuddle bug. He wants to be where I am and loves to lay under the blankets with me. Had I known before adopting him that he would require 24/7 attention I would not have adopted him due to my schedule. I hate to make him live in a shelter again (yes the shelter is aware I'm looking for a home for him) I'm afraid he'll end up in a situation that he will get abused in because the damage he does I could only imagine. He is a barker when people come on the property and he will run at people who come in the yard and bark but he has never attempted to bite. He has gone to a different home that was unable to keep him although they were completely aware of his behavior beforehand. This little guy really deserves a chance with someone who understands his issues and will love him and give him the attention and/or training he needs.

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