Newark, NJ 7105

  • Name : Blue
  • Breed : Pitbull
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Blue is a 3 year old Pitty (will be 4 in October) his ideal home would be where he is the only pet with a fenced yard. he is very protective of his owner so he doesnt do good with other pets or starngers while leashed. He is happy when he is home, loves whipped cream, LOVES children. He can come off aggressive only to defend. otherwise he is a love bug. Unfortunatly, he has been kicked out of my home and is currently bunking with my mother, but she is not allowed to have animals so he is in hiding with her. we need to find him a new home before her landlord discovers him and also kicks him out, which he will have no where to go by then :(

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