Minneapolis, MN 55407

  • Name : Unknown
  • Breed :
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

I found this cat in the hallway of my apartment building and, according to neighbors, she had been inside since at least 7AM on March 24. I have put up signs and cross-posted on relevant channels, called animal control to get her in their lost pet book, but no one has claimed her yet. My vet encouraged me to take her to Animal Control to check for a chip given current workload and virus precautions, but I’m reluctant to surrender her there. She is maybe 1 year old, has a very sweet and curious temperament. She does appear to have been nursing kittens recently, but does not seem stressed and has not made attempts to escape and get to them. I took her for a leashed walk yesterday and this morning to see if she would try and lead in any particular direction, but she would only follow me. (She did seem ok with walking outside at night, though!) In general, when I call her she will follow me wherever, leashed or not. She appears to be in good health, but she definitely has worms in her feces. She also has had a couple of brief coughing fits. She seems to have a healthy appetite and grooming habits. I unfortunately cannot keep this cat as I have two cats of my own already. She’s currently holed up in my bathroom away from everyone, which is not a very nice place for a cat to be long-term. She hasn’t complained much, but I think she may just be being polite!

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