Nathalie, VA 24577


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Hello Friend I've lived most of my life in a cage. I finally got loose and wandered around until I found some friends who have been taking care of me until they can find a permanent home for me. They took me to have some kind of surgery and now the fellas in the neighborhood have stopped coming to visit. Maybe they're afraid they’ll be taken for surgery as well. Or maybe they heard about the shots they give you before surgery. I heard the nurse say something like “This temper” but I wasn’t mad or anything at the time. Then just before I passed out, I heard them say something about a “babies” shot in case some sick animal bit me. I must have misunderstood them because I surely didn't have any babies to worry about. For now, my friends here have a pallet for me on their back porch and that keeps me out of the weather and I can stand at the door and look out, wishing I could run around like I did before coming here. When I first came here, they made a nice place to sleep in their Gazebo, but I ran off with some fellas from down the road and stayed gone for a week. Then the night before my surgery I came back. Guess I should've stayed gone a little longer. Anyhow, now that the weather is nicer, they tie me out in their back yard. It's better than the back porch because I can get fresh air out there, but my tether is only 25’ or so. But that's ok. At least I get some exercise out there. My friends have two smaller dogs but they won’t let me play with them cause they're a lot smaller than I am. I stand a little more than knee high on all fours but am really tall standing on my hind legs. I love to roam through the woods and that's where I try to do my business, because I like to keep the porch and yard clean. That is, as long as I’m not on the tether when that time comes. If I’m on the porch when that time comes, I howl to let my friends know I need to visit the woods for a few minutes. My man friend will come and walk with me till I’m through then we go back to the porch. I don’t mind that because he'll give be a nice piece of bread when we get back. I love biscuits and bread. Sometimes when we get back and I've had my bread, I’ll howl just so he’ll come back out and walk with me. I’ve learned to walk on a leash and try to pay attention to when he jerks the leash. That means he wants to stop or that I’m walking faster than he is. I love people; I love to play and I like kids, but I’m a little too big to play with little ones for fear of knocking them over by accident. My friends say they keep praying that someone will give me a good home soon. I think I’m about 5-6 years old but my friends say I don't act like it, so maybe the vet was wrong about that. He also said I am a Walker and Treeing Hound. That might be why I caught on to walking on the leash so fast. But I haven't had a chance lately to chase anything up a tree. I originally showed up here in October of last year. I’m surprised they have let me stay so long. No other shelters have been able to find me a home and I’m afraid I’ll wear out my welcome. So, if you are looking for an energetic, friendly and appreciative dog to give a home to, please consider me. You won’t be sorry, and God knows, neither will I.

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