Mugsy (Mr. Muggles)

Thompsons Station, TN 37179


About this pet

Mugsy is about 13 months old and a small breed - full grown at 20lbs. He was found in a park back in November, 2019. He is microchipped (he is also neutered) and when contacted, the owner surrendered him. I have been fostering him since then. He fully house trained (I have even been leaving him out of his kennel when I go to work for about two months now - no accidents, nothing chewed). He is adorably sweet and laid back for such a young dog and easily trainable. We are still working on leash training (he's great other than pulling when he sees another dog). He gets along very well with other dogs (we go to dog park often and I have another small dog in my home). He goes in his kennel on command. He is up-to-date on shots. His last vet appointment was 12/19.

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