Mclean, TX 79057


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He will be 4 years old in March. Weighs about 100 lbs. He is fixed. He was abandoned at about 3 months old, we never could find his owner. He is very protective of his family. I think it would be a GREAT dog for a veteran... He does not like to share his food. He does get along with other dogs if they are not aggressive. (takes him a little while to warm up to them). He is fine with our cats but he really barks at other cats if he sees them through the fence. He would be an awesome hunting dog, we had a possum under our house and he could smell it or hear it under the floor. (we live in a 100 yr old house. ) He One scratch on the floor and bark at it. I taught him how to sit and shake in just a few minutes I think he could be taught to do many things he’s very smart I just don’t have the ability or energy to teach him. I have health problems, not good balance and he has almost knocked me down a few times racing to get out the doggie door when he hears the UPS or Fed ex truck. He sure scares everybody because he’s big and he barks. And I really think if someone tried to hurt one of us he would hurt them, he gets upset if the kids cry or something it he whines and wants to see what’s wrong. We had a small female dog that passed away about five months ago and he has gained some weight since then I think he’s been depressed. He really had a change in Personality after our little dog died. Small kids make him a little nervous if they mess with him we have a three and four your old grandkids that live with us and he will growl at them if they sit on him or try to hurt him.

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