Gray, GA 31032

  • Name : Sam
  • Breed : Mix
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Sam is a very loyal dog. She was originally rescued from a shelter in Florida about 5 years ago. She is 6 years old to date. She does great around cats(literally shares beds with cats) and my little boy who is 1 and a half Years old. She has all of her shots, is fixed and was chipped at shelter she was rescued from. She even has a heart tattoo on her belly done by shelter when chipped to prove it! She is house strained and even makes a point to use bathroom at wood line oppose to yard. She sleeps inside with us on most nights at the foot at our bed and would sleep in the bed with us if we’d let her(and sometimes does when momma isn’t home🤫lol) Sam is extremely protective and would be great Sucurity at anybody’s home. Sam has short hair and does not shed much so is ideal to let stay inside or outside. I might add that Sam loves to ride shotgun in any vehicle with the wind in her hair haha. Sam is very smart and athletic, she is trained to sit, shake and stay. She is very easily trained. The ideal home would be someone with kids that could show her the attention that I don’t seem to be able to have time to give her. She is definitely an alpha female so I don’t recommend a home with other female dogs. I will gladly meet half way if the drive is too long.

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