Wahiawa, HI 96786


About this pet

Milo,4 years old around 17-20lbs Milo is a good loyal dog. He is crate trained. He doesn’t typically like other animals in his home, but if you take him to a big open field he will run and play with other dogs of all sizes. He loves to cuddle with you under the blanket. He is tolerable to kids who won’t try to climb on him or pick him up. He doesn’t really like being picked up at all. He does not enjoy car rides. He loves tennis balls and toys that squeak. He is very picky about his food, especially if he’s been spoiled with table food. He likes to follow you around the house and if you’re going outside he will most likely try to join you. He doesn’t like the water. Baths are the enemy but he doesn’t fight when you get him in there. If there’s gaps under your fence he will escape but will come right back if you call him. Also responds to “Meatloaf” and “Mr. Doggie”

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