Columbia, SC 29210

  • Name : Charlie
  • Breed : Shorthair
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : Medium/large

About this pet

Charlie is a sweet and loving older cat. He will be 9 years old in February. He should ideally be the only cat in the house. He is often purring and sitting on your lap. Charlie is mischievous at times and loves to cuddle and nap. He's a big fluffball weighing around 16lbs at last weigh in. He has no ongoing health issues other than a very minor heart murmur which he's always had. He would be an ideal companion for someone by themselves, perhaps an older person seeking a somewhat calmer animal. We are moving home and cannot take him with us, so we are desperately seeking a peaceful and loving home for him. He has been an indoor cat all his life.

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