Phoenix, AZ 85042

  • Name : Jadyn
  • Breed : Tabby
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Jadyn is a happy and healthy 5 year old female. Spayed. She has a sister from the same litter. I adopted both of them together 5 years ago when they were 6 months old. Ideally, I am looking for a home for both of them to go together if possible but if the circumstances don’t permit then it’s understandable. Both are well mannered and very social...Never climbed on my counters and love cuddling. She and her sister have always been indoor cats (aside from the occasional walk on the leash, haha.) Unfortunately, I am gone with work a lot and due to extenuating circumstances I have to move and I am not allowed to have cats where I am going. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to inquire.

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