Hiram, GA 30141

  • Name : Abby
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

We came across Abby on a post on social media. She was in a home that was not a good environment for her. The family she was with had another dog that was being aggressive towards Abby so Abby ended up spending a lot of time isolated. We believe Abby is about 2 years old and 40 pounds. We were told she has trouble getting weight on but we believe there is more to it than that and that Abby may have some medical issues...just speculation based off of what we have seen. We do know for sure that she has worms. We believe they are tapeworms. We have 3 dogs prior to taking in Abby. All under the age of 2. It has taken Abby about a month to adjust to them as they are very hyperactive and Abby isn’t as much. We personally feel like she would be better in a home with older dogs, dogs who are not very hyperactive or no dogs at all BUT she has shown over the couple of months that she has been with us that she can adjust over time so it’s really a matter of someone being up for that challenge. She is very docile and sweet and is an amazing couch dog that just wants to cuddle. Abby did not do well in a crate...she tried chewing through the bars so we have been leaving her out so she will not hurt herself. She will go to the bathroom outside if she is let out but has had a few accidents inside which was expected. Abby shows some serious signs of anxiety...lots of pacing a drooling which comes and goes but she is not always like that.

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