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Weight: 68 pounds Age: 2.5 Color: Mostly black - white strip under neck Piper is a wonderful, sweet girl that we've had the pleasure to own for about 2.5 years. She was found at 1 week old in a bucket on the side of a highway along with her brothers and deceased mom. We rescued her at 6 weeks old. She has been spayed and is up to date on all shots. She has a kind heart, enjoys snuggling, giving kisses, running, playing in water and loving on her toys. She has shorter hair and sheds only a little, mainly found on her bedding. She is well trained (sits, shakes, spins, etc.), wonderful on a leash and loves playing with other dogs. We have been taking her to doggy day camp at least once a week to play, so she absolutely loves time with other pups. While she has grown up in a home with two kids and another dog, she has over the past year become territorial over our home and has recently bit two kids that were reaching through our fence into our yard. She also has social anxiety when new people come into our house and takes her time to adjust. Since we constantly have kids and neighbors running through our home, we feel it's the best decision for her to move into a home without kids and that provides less chaos around her.

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