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  • Name : Emily
  • Breed : Whippet Mix
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Emily is a dog my friend was fostering while she was pregnant. The litter was 8 all female puppies. While all the puppies were adopted, we were unsure what would happen to Emily so I kept her. It has been difficult as my Beagle had a problem with Emily and another rescue mom I kept. Then my husband passed and I was really struggling with the dogs. A friend took the Beagle but now is insisting on giving her back. I cannot handle all 3 dogs again or afford the vet Bill's when they do get to each other and fight. I really need for someone to adopt Emily or the Beagle. Emily is very close with Hope a Basenji mix I have and they would be great if kept together. Emily is 6 we think. Emily is skiddish but eventually warms up. Afraid mostly of men. Uses pads during day when I am at work. Please help me find a home for my 3 girls or my Beagle.

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