Puyallup, WA 98373


About this pet

Scully is a 3-4 year old red heeler pit mix. She has lots of energy, and needs space to play and run. She’s cautious with new people but if warmed up slowly she’ll love on you lots. The owner had to move and the new home doesn’t allow dogs. Another friend took her for the time being but it’s not a forever home. She loves going on walks, chasing tennis balls, being with people and being outside. When left alone she gets lonely and will bark if left alone too long. We are unsure how she does with other animals. She lived previously with a teenager and her mom in an apartment. She did well as long as she was able to get out on walks and be around people in her home. She’s very loving and really would like a family that has the space, time and energy to give her.

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