Ormond Beach, FL 32174

  • Name : TomTom
  • Breed : Papillion
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

TomTom came to us 3 years ago. The owner at that time estimated his age at 9 years old. Since he came to be part of our lives, he has been under a very steady and maintained veterinary schedule, and has no know medical or health issues. The reason we are giving him up is because he is getting bullied by our other 2, much more younger dogs. There's never been any physical altercations but the 2 are preventing him from eating or even going outside to use the bathroom via body language. We've tried everything and at this point we think he would be much happier in a new home. That being said, I think his ideal home would be with someone where he is the only pet. He is a very sweet boy, all he wants is to cuddle and be pet. He likes to go outside to do his business but doesn't like to get dirty. He will take sidewalks or driveways before wandering out into the grass. He enjoys dog parks and casual encounters, but he's definitely aware of his personal space. He will stay by you and won't play with the other dogs. He's quirky, but he is by no means violent or a threat to any other animal or child. Maybe a little anxious, but I'm sure he will find his perfect home in no time. He deserves to be happy.

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