Raphine, VA 24472

  • Name : Ginny
  • Breed : Poodle
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Ginny is about 10 (based on condition of teeth). We took her temporarily in March 2019 because her first home caught fire and her elderly mom had severe burns and required a long hospital stay. Her mom and dad are now unable to take her back due to health issues and we cannot keep her. Ginny is about 5 lb overweight because her previous parents gave her too many treats. She rarely gets a treat with us (but she loves plain greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, and peanut butter) and we try to closely monitor her food intake. She only eats dry food and it needs to be small bites (for small dog breeds) due to the fact that she is missing several teeth. She is current on vaccinations (June 2019). Ginny loves the outdoors and needs a yard to roam. She doesn't wander too far and we don't usually have a need to leash her. However, she will chase cars. So, if she is in a busy area, a fenced yard is a must! (We are in a rural area which would work best for her. The further from the road the better.) She is very social and loves people! She is great with children and other dogs as well as cats! She likes to sleep in the bed but keeps us up at night, so it would be best not to start that. She wants to drink water and go potty once or twice at night and can't get in or out of bed by herself. She will potty in the house when you are gone. She tries to hit the puppy pad most of the time, but misses often. We put a diaper on her when we leave (a cloth diaper cover with a maxi pad type soaker). She rarely uses the diaper, but we continue it because otherwise she pees and poops on the floor. This is the worst thing about her. She is so sweet, loving, and funny.

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