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Belle is appropriately named as she is a "Southern Belle" that came from Birmingham, Alabama. Belle is a 2-year-old lab and pit mix ~ 35 lbs. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations and preventions (i.e. tick and heart worm). She is house trained and crate trained. She sleeps in her crate with the door open and spends time in her crate (closed) while owners are at work. When she spends time alone out of her crate, she has not been destructive. She has not shown signs of separation anxiety. Belle is a fast learner and has quickly picked up sit, wait, watch, and touch. She has a great temperament in the home and warms up to people quickly. She does not bark at the door and welcomes guests appropriately. She has not spent time with young children while with her current owners but we think that she would do well with them. Belle can pull on the leash initially but seems to calm down once she is able to go to the bathroom and sniff for a bit. We have found good progress with her walking with the use of a harness. She is alert outside but is starting to respond to her name and performing her attention skills. Belle shows signs of reactivity towards other dogs and would do best as the sole pet in a household. Her new home does not need to be big, but it should be in a place where she can avoid dogs and strangers at close distance. Belle will need continual training to be able to do well around other dogs. Her current owners live in a very busy dog friendly apartment and cannot consistently keep her under her emotional threshold near other dogs and people. Belle loves cheese, enjoys car rides, like going on runs and hikes or just being lazy at home. She is a sweet heart who needs the right environment to let her thrive.

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