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Guessing 3yo. Showed up in our yard as stray 2 years ago, possibly from farm next door. He would come around but not let us near him at first. We fed him for about 6mos until he let us bring him inside. He was dehydrated and had a few fight wounds, but we had him taken care of, got him fixed, and he is fully up to date on all shots. He's also chipped and we would happily change that registration on adoption. Also will have full medical records. While it appears that he began life as a feral cat, he exhibits total domestication. In fact, I am SHOCKED at how quickly and easily he became such a "people kitty" given that he probably lived outside the first year of his life. Was clearly afraid of people originally but shows NONE of that now. No more than your average cat with strangers. And he comes around a lot sooner with relatives in the house than any of my other cats. We were happy to save him because he needed saving, but we already had 4 cats. 5 is a lot and we have tried for a year and a half to assimilate him into the "family" but it is not working out. Existing cats are a little older and don't want to to play. We have another Male (also fixed), and the two of them are not getting along at all. SUGGEST that Itzy goes to either a single-cat household or possibly be homed with one other cat, if they're young and interested in play. Itzy is very playful and gently so (without using his claws!) and very sweet and LOVES to touch you with his feet when he lays down. Doesn't really like being picked up and held, but clearly likes people. Lives with a dog too - no problems there. But again, wants to play more than any of my existing pets want to. He will be FINE as an indoor cat. While he does go outside now, it's never for very long. Also shocking considering what we think his background is. He is a wonderful pet. Just not for us and our existing herd.

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