Terre Haute, IN 47803

  • Name : Sassy
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Sassy is an energetic, affectionate, loyal almost 3 year old. She has been a beloved member of our family since she was 8 weeks old. She is a reddish brown mixed breed dog, is full of personality, and absolutely loves to run. She is 55 pounds, and it is all muscle. We would love to keep her forever, but she does not always play well with others, and needs to be in a home with no other female dogs, and preferably no other dogs at all. She prefers not to share her people. She is up to date on all her shots, and is healthy. We would love to see Sassy go to a loving home, where she has space to expend her energy, and does not have to share her people with other fur babies.

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