Las Vegas, NV 89103

  • Name : Oreo
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

His name is Oreo but answers to Kitty. He was a rescue cat adopted in CA by my hubbys (Norman) parents. From what I can tell from old paperwork, he’s about 6 yrs old. Sadly both of his elderly parents died a few yrs apart. When the last one passed in 2017 Norman took in all 5 of his parents animals. We have 2 dogs and this cat, the others died from being elderly. So why is he so special? Oreo was born blind and is the most awesome cat. Well let me tell you about him. He’s black and white so they named him Oreo. Being he was adopted before, he was fixed when young. He does not spray anywhere and uses the cat box faithfully. He can be loud because he thinks he talking to you. The father was deaf so Oreo would have to meow really loud to get his attention. Then he has his normal noise (meow) he quietly makes when he’s talking to you. The thing he wants most in life is someone to keep him company and feed him twice a day. He desperately Loves to be pet and your attention, he gets very sad and lonely when you leave him alone for any length of time. He needs a bath badly and to be kept brushed. He’s never “seen” how cats clean themselves. He needs another cat to tell him to bathe. Haha Other animals: He knows that “some” dogs will come at him to scare him but he’s never been hurt by any animal or human. He has this false sense of trust when it comes to this. I worry the most about him being hurt.  He knows nothing else but constant blackness. He plays with toys and acts completely normal. He memorizes the home he lives in. He knows where everything is including his litter box. He does well with older people, 40-90’s. No children please. He’s never been around kids and they would terrify him as he can’t see them. He needs lots of love and attention. A warm bed or lap. I’m one of those people who truly Love and care deeply for animals. Even tho this cat has been fostered with us the last few yrs, I worry about what happens to him. That is why he stayed with us for so long. Please let me know if you can help me place this little guy into a safe happy home.

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