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NEED TO REHOME ASAP Bodhi 6yrs 70lbs Great with babies, children and all humans Needs to be the only animal or slowly introduced to new one. His manners are still lacking in the dog socialization dept. Well behaved otherwise. This is his story ; I rescued my Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix at 7weeks old from the Virginia Beach SPCA. I have had him for 6 years. Most of his life, we lived in a house at the beach set back off the street on the water. He had a yard to run in and enjoyed the company of any human (tiny or adult) he came in contact with. My husband ran him on his bike or longboard many times a week and had him off leash on the beach playing with other dogs on occasion. He has always (even after being neutered) played rough and wants to be seen as the Alpha. He is a Boxer and they are high energy rough players. We had never had a bad experience with another dog. After 5 years of renting and living in this lovely home, we had to move due to the sale of the house. We were presented with the opportunity to move into a duplex at the North End of the beach. The house has fencing (although after moving in, it began to fall apart). Bodhi needs a fenced yard. The problem started when he began bolting past us and was so excited about other dogs walking past (something he’d never been exposed to before) that what seems to be anxiety and confusion takes over. He roughly pummels the dogs and starts jumping and “mouthing” like crazy. This of course scares the bejesus out of the dogs and owners and of course has them immediately thinking he is “vicious” and attacking. I do not have an area in my entry that would accommodate a baby gate. I started locking the fro t door and making the kids use the back. This worked until he took advantage of running past a couple of adults who were unaware of the rule. A couple of the dogs received superficial marks from his tooth while the “mouthing” was going on. Bodhi himself was the only dog who was ever injured to the point of anything deeper than that. Animal Control was called and told me since “he was not intentionally biting and no serious injury was being sustained by any of the dogs he has jumped on, he is NOT being considered a “Dangerous Dog” but is now labeled as a “Nuisance”. I have been beside myself about this very new issue. I have felt for the owners and their dogs and mine as well! AC suggested I reach out to the neighborhood on the “Nextdoor” app and let them know our situation and how badly and frustrated I feel. To reach out for help and ask if anyone had any suggestions about training or anything else. To let them know I am steadily trying to rectify this situation. Honestly, he just needs to be introduced to socialization skills and some obedience training. While I was lining up a trainer, receiving a new harness for walking, and found and ordered a modifiable gate system for my entry... these “neighbors” decided to take matters into their own hands. Now, without my dog seriously injuring another dog, and NEVER being aggressive to a person, they hunted down the name and number of my landlord ....KNOWING I was doing everything in my power to make sure he was safely inside and being trained properly and professionally ... told her he was attacking, mauling, biting dogs AND people( neither of which was true) and she needed to do something about it. She loves us, but being that like 4 of them called (mostly the busybodies that don’t even HAVE dogs), she gave us 30days to get him OUT or we needed to find another place to live. So, that being said.. we are not in a position to move at this time. WE NEED TO FIND A NEW HOME FOR BODHI. We have had him with a foster who has been implementing training and caring for him. But it’s time for our most kind, loving, empathetic, cuddly best friend to find someone to give him a furever home. This is Bodhi and he deserves the world. Will you give him a new family?

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