Virginia Beach, VA 23451


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This is Bodhi. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer mix. 6yrs old. He loves cuddles, playing tag, sleeping with his people, running on leash while you bike him, salmon (real and dog food) he is super compassionate and empathetic... will lick your tears away. Likes to give hugs and kisses, knows “sit” and “shake”. Loves to sun himself. He will lay in the sun for hours. He does want to be active. He needs to be fenced in though because he is a runner. He needs to be in a home without other dogs or go to someone willing to do some work teaching him how to be part of a pack. He has no clue how to play nice with other dogs. He is very smart and can learn quickly with a patient teacher. He does not like baths or being in the water. He will tolerate a bath but is visibly not happy about it. Needs leash work because he likes to pull. He has been mostly run either pulling my husband on a skateboard or a bike, so if you want to walk him, he’ll need some work. He likes to steal food if Boone is watching, but very selective at the same time. He hates fruit. He is up to date on his shots. Rabies until 12/26/19.

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