• Name : Moo
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Moo is an affectionate mature indoor cat, about 11 years old. Has all her shots and regular check ups with her vet. No issues. We have had her since she was as a kitten and has a mild sinus allergy, causes her to sneeze off/on. We have not been able to find a reliable treatment. She’s not in distress and all of her visits indicate she is healthy. As her owner I have developed asthma, triggered by the cat as well as my deficient immune system. It has been difficult being around her, causing me respiratory distress. I am under a doctors care. Moo grew up with a yellow lab as a kitten and would probably adjust well in a home with another cat or dog. She loves nothing more than to curl up on your lap, very sweet disposition and loves to snuggle.

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