Teaneck, NJ 07666

  • Name : Clay
  • Breed : Pit Bull
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Clay was adopted from a shelter in NYC on 12/23 as a Christmas gift to my husband from our kids. They had asked permission to do this and I said yes. It was a mistake and I’m sorry about that. We had another dog that came to us at age 4 and it was a perfect life for her and us. She has passed away some years ago, which was heartbreaking. So when the kids asked if we would like another dog I made the mistake of not really thinking it through. We are recently retired and it’s time to be able to be more spontaneous in our daily lives. Let me back up and tell you about Clay’s life. When Clay, a Pit Bull mix, arrived here he was very anxious and a little sick. He had a cough and sore, red feet so we went to the vet and put him on antibiotics for a month. He's very healthy now. And he's so cute! Clay had lots of energy and not enough training so we've been doing a lot of training at home and even have a trainer come to the house. We’ve gotten books and videos and work on his training every day. He’s much, much better now! I taught him to ring bells that are on the doorknob so he can let us know when he needs to go out. He used to be awful on the leash, pulling and lunging, but we are using good leash techniques and everything has improved. I have a serious back issue so this has been challenging and painful for me. I didn't expect him to be so strong and single minded. Clay has a good routine. He sleeps in his crate, which we call his room. We get up pretty early in the morning and he goes right outside. Then he eats and plays with his Kong and lots of other toys while we read the paper. After that he takes a walk in the neighborhood for about 1 1/2 miles, give or take. He plays and naps during the day and then he eats again and goes for another walk. He eats Good quality kibble and treats, including peanut butter. Sometimes we go for a ride in the car so he has a seat belt. Lately he has been able to play alone, but he's very social and likes to play with us. He's a very lucky dog because we are around a lot and he's only in his crate occasionally in the day time. He's getting a lot of love. We have taught him how to play on his blankie, go in his room, chase a ball and bring it back, sit and lie down, to wait until called, and to cuddle without biting or licking us too much. He's doing these things well. He is reactive to other dogs and the trainer is teaching us how to work with him on that. I knew I made a wrong decision back in February. I filled out forms for Get Your Pet and another rehoming organization but nothing happened. Since Clay’s arrival I have devoted almost all of my free time to doing the best for him. Last week we brought Clay back to ACC, the shelter where we adopted him from. I was lead to believe that they would rehome him, or at least find a foster home for him. Four days later I was told that he was on the kill list. We rushed back to the shelter to retrieve him. He’s been home and is fine and happy. We had a long session with a behaviorist too. But, although we love him dearly, we know that he should have a new home with a younger, more energetic owner. Clay is a beautiful boy. We are feeling a little desperate to get him a good home.

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