Chewy and Granola

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Name: Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter
Phone/Email: [email protected]
Zip Code: 44134


Name: Chewy and Granola
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Granola - M - 4 yrs - Cinnamon Panda Chewy - M - 3.5 yrs - Sable Granola is a BIG boy. He doesn't miss a meal. A big fluff ball that is a sweetheard. Chewy is smaller, but no slouch, a good boy that loves to run and play. Both boys are dolls and good house keepers.. Reason for turn in: Allergies Entered Shelter: 6/6/2006 Contact: Yes YOU MUST FILL OUT AN ADOPTION APPLICATION. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. The adoption applicaiton is located on our web site, under adoption process: PLEASE READ the entire section.Ferrets are wonderful pets. But they are not the perfect pet for everyone, they NEED human in teraction. Please make sure to research the type of pet you choose.