Corpus Christi, TX 78415

  • Name : Rusty
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Rusty is about 4 years old. He was rescued from an abusive home. He is about 30-35 pounds. He is full of energy and loves to run in the yard. When he is inside he will play for a bit and then relax on the couch and watch tv. He has never been around cats and has been around dogs smaller than him. He has been good with small kids before and understands when you tell him no. He understands sit, let’s go outside, and how to sit and wait for his food and water bowl to be set down. He has not shown any signs of food aggression, as I’ve been able to take his food bowl away from him without any problems. He is a very silly dog, but should only be introduced to other dogs slowly. He has shown some aggression from fear towards bigger dogs and unknown dogs. He has successfully lived with a shih tzu, half chihuahua - half miniature Doberman mix, and a young lab that is currently slightly bigger than him. He needs toys, because he is a chewer.

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