Tomball, TX 77377


About this pet

We adopted Edison a year and a half ago when he was 7 month old (he is 2 now). He is well trained on a leash, sit commands, does not jump on counters, and is not a real barker (Basenji's tend not to bark a lot). He is an overall very good dog. However, he has become very possessive towards our 10 year old son. He is good with other dogs, but has taken a dislike to our three rescue cats and should not be homed with cats or younger children. He came to us crate trained, but we rarely use the crate, only if company is over because he tends to jump on the couch. His ideal home would be with adults or families with older children that are able to follow through on commands. He has the coat of a Basenji, meaning his fur does not get oily and smell. The reason he is being rehomed is because of his behavior towards children and his sudden dislike of cats. He is current on all vaccinations.

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