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WE NEED YOUR HELP!😭 Our dog Oakley has been quite aggressive lately, and my parents are too afraid to have him around the house anymore, so we are having to give him up. He would make a GREAT Hog Dog with training, a GREAT Guard dog, or even a great pet if someone took him that knew how to work with his aggression. He is really a sweet dog, but when he gets scared he gets aggressive. We have tried ourselves but we aren’t professionals and unfortunately we don’t have the money to send him to training right now. we have been looking for months, and so far, every rescue has slammed the door in our face, and even after explanation, they were very rude thinking we were just trying to get rid of him. Most just gave us a “well we can’t take him” and hung up. 😔 (Please do not think we want to do this or that we’re just “trying to get rid of our dog”. We never expected him to be like this, we’ve raised him since he was 6 weeks old and He’s 2 now. This is the last thing we want to do, but like I said, we are out of options. We can’t take anymore chances with the amount of people that visit our house, including small children, and with our 5 other dogs.)

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