Dajah Marie

Rittman, OH 44270


About this pet

Age: 6 -70lbs She is very loving, loyal and loves to play ball or tug-o-war with her rope. She is sensitive and loves to have company. She barks at people who come over then comes running in with her ball, bone, or rope to play. She is pretty chill and crate trained since a pup. She is spayed and never been breed. She loves walks and going to the park to hike trails. She is leashed trained and listens well. She can sit and give paw shakes. She does have bad knees and requires special medication which is about $60 a month. She also takes one 500mg of Calcium per day per the vet because of her knees. She DOES NOT get along with other dogs. She MUST be an only dog. She is NOT aggressive towards other people. I have recently split with my wife and it was originally my stepsons dog who is now in the Army. I am however the legal owner of the dog currently, but I live in a small house bottom apartment with no yard or anything for her to play in. This is the biggest reason for me wanting to adopt her out to a good home, not to mention it is just to hard to care for her being by myself. She does have a skin tag on her left front leg according to the vet that is all it is. She is current on all her shots and does get regular vet check ups. She is currently on Taste of the wild dry with a little wet mixed in (with her meds). I feed her 1.5 cups twice a day (3 cups a day). Not really sure how she is with small kids or children as she has never really been around them. She was around my niece at age 6 a few times and loved to play with her and be chased by her.

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