Starkville, MS 39759


About this pet

Approximate birth date of early March 2018. We found her on the side of the road as a young puppy covered in fleas and ticks, horrible skin rash all over, and starving. We took her in and got her to good health. Indy is spayed and current on all shots. Full of energy. EXTREMELY loving. Wants to be hugging and touching you all the time. Loves to cuddle but needs more attention than we can give. I taught her that NO is the universal command to stop doing what you're doing and that OK is the universal command to proceed. We give all 4 dogs treats at the same time and make them all sit and stay and call them forward one at a time to individually stay and wait until the OK command is given to get their treat. She learned this quite well and will stay back when working with the other dogs. This proves she has great potential for someone to work with her. Unfortunately her energy is just too much for our 3 old dogs. She fit in well with our three 10+ year old dogs but her energy is getting to be too much for our older dogs. While playing in our fenced in back yard with our other dogs our 7 pound dog got injured. Indy just has too much energy and a bit too clumsy for our old dogs.

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