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Lincoln is a 7 year old, 25 lb dog that we adopted from the humane society 6 years ago. Physically he is completely healthy and has never had any major medical problems. Mentally he has some behavior challenges which is why we are forced to rehome him. He has fear-anxiety, which causes him to be aggressive towards strangers, especially in our home. Even people that he has met before if they aren't regular visitors he will display aggressive behavior towards them (barking, and running towards them) but has never bitten them. We were able to cope with that challenge but a couple of weeks ago he bit our 1-year-old son and that was the final straw as far keeping him in our home. Lincoln wasn't aggressive with our son at first but once he was able to walk around Lincoln got very defensive. The ideal home for Lincoln would be a single or couple who does not have young children around (he's never had problems with older children). Also, someone who likes to get exercise as Lincoln has a lot of energy and loves trips to the dog park. Other dogs are generally fine, although he isn't crazy about them coming to our house, but when we go to other dog's homes he is okay. People who don't have frequent guests would also be ideal, although he does fine in his crate. He's a very smart dog who is good with commands: Go to your bed, sit, stay, lay down, drop it, walk (on leashes), and he learned a lot of those quickly so I'm confident he could learn new ones if the owner wished. He's a very loving dog he just has behavioral issues that are solvable with an owner who is willing to put in the energy. Unfortunately, we are not able to do that.

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