Smyrna, GA 30080

  • Name : Nuke
  • Breed : Pitbull Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

To whom it may concern, a week ago I got an emergency call from my vet that a family was about to put a dog down who they had had for 2 months (had been rehomed twice since his original owner could no longer care for him). Several months ago I lost one of my beloved dogs and was open to getting another companion for him. I had them meet and they've gotten along beautifully, so I told them I would take him to save him from being killed. He has some behavioral issues (does not mind well); you can tell he's had very little training and he's nervous with all of the changes. He nipped my roommate, which is the same thing that had happened with the previous family (both times when he was in his bed and may have been startled). I was willing to work with him through all of this and try to provide love, stability, and consistency, until he attacked my other dog out of the blue tonight. I have no idea what triggered him. They were both headed out to do their business before bed and the next thing I knew, he had attacked and drawn blood. I cannot have a dog in my house who I can't trust with my sweet 11 year old dog. I think he would make someone a very good dog with training and consistency. I do not want to have him put down, but I can't trust him with my other dog now. Please help! His original name was Duke, changed to Luke, then Nuke. Supposedly he is about 5 years old and hates cats. Thanks again for your assistance.

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